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Daily Diamond Specials

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Dry Bag Baskets $50

Magic Numbers 50mg Soda

Drops 50mg Gummy

1g Belushi Preroll

Beat The Back to Skool Blues


15% off Altered Alchemy Dabs

15% off Anthology Dabs

15% off Noble Craft Blunts

Free Your Mind Sale


15% off TJ´s Garden Prerolls

15% off Bath Bombs and Soaks

15% off EOS Inhalers

Fall Great Sale


15% off High Tech Joints and Packs

15% off Genesis Farms RSO and Tinctures

15% off Greenwell Shots

Fresh Harvest Sale


15% off Decibel Carts

15% off Yerba Buena Prerolls and Fuego Packs

15% off Elbe´s Edibles

Unbeleafable Sale


15% off Cache Blunts

15% off TKO Joint Packs

15% off Squibs

 *Daily Deals

Munchie Munday-Edibles

Topical/Tincture Tuesday- Tincures, Topicals, RSO

Weed Wednesday- Prerolls

Topshelf Thursday- Top shelf flower

Flash sale/Flight Friday- Random item in store, or variety of different strains on sale for $5 (limited supply on hand)

Shatterday- Extracts

Smokin' Sunday- Vape cartridge

Single item of your choice for 15%  off and spot the Diamond and get 30% off single item

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